I Want My Hat Back: An Epic

I feel like children’s books are underrepresented on our blog. And as the resident children’s book lover (yes I am claiming that title) I felt the need to write a review for a children’s book. Of course, I chose one of my favorite children’s books of all time: I Want My Hat Back by John Klassen.

I Want My Hat Back

This book is absolutely hilarious. There are less than 100 words in the whole thing and I couldn’t imagine there being more. It is all dialogue, but doesn’t include the ‘he said’ or ‘he thought’ bits. The illustration style is surprisingly simple as well. It’s one of those books where I read it and think “Pfhhh I could draw that easy” then actually try to draw it and my drawing turn out like this:


The book tells the story of a bear who has lost his hat. He goes from panel to panel asking other animals “have you seen my hat?”. Unfortunately for him, no one has. However, on his journey he comes across a suspicious rabbit who is wearing a hat. This conversation ensues:


I tried to make this big enough that you can read the text on the page.

LIES, RABBIT, LIES. The tempo increases as you learn that the bear’s hat is red and pointy and he realizes…

This is one of my favorite pages.

This is one of my favorite pages.

OMG. Climax right there. Then the bear and the rabbit have this EPIC standoff:

THE TENSION! I almost can't stand it.

THE TENSION! I almost can’t stand it.

Their eyes! Their shifty eyes! What will happen??? Not going to tell you. I feel I have given away too much of the story already. Go read the book. It’s worth it.

Find this book on Goodreads! Click on the cover!


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