The Bloggers

Hi!This is Sarah. Book-browser, tea-gulper, pen-pusher, and webmaster of Bookish Types. One day she will go to London, and find a passage to Middle-earth. She’s worked in libraries since 2007, writing galley reviews for YA fantasy publishers.
This winter Sarah attended her first ALA convention for YA novels, where she very much enjoyed arguing with high-schoolers over which books were most excellent, and which were totally rotten.
When not slaving away as a business student in uni, she cooks to keep her hands busy and her sweet tooth happy. Sarah keeps a personal blog here.

1231578_10152143272242656_958733188_nThis is Olive. The bibliophile, the thespian, the aspiring writer, and the fandomer. She prides herself on her collection of autographed books (all from authors she has met). For two years, Olive was a galley reviewer for the YALSA Teens Top Ten, and this past year attended her first ALA convention. Last year, she wrote a one act for a fall festival of plays at her school, and also worked as an intern reporter at her local paper. Olive is the owner of a fuzzy ball of fur who enjoys keeping her company while she journeys into other worlds beyond the pages…if only he will stop hogging the bed.

This is kl.
kl-bioShe is the only normal one on this blog. Except for her love of children’s books and obsession with reading anything by a number of authors including Sarah Addison Allen, Libba Bray, Sarah Dessen, Maria Snyder, Lewis Carroll, J.K. Rowling, Oliver Jeffers, and Jon Klassen to name a few. She has also reviewed many YALSA books, many of which were not worth reading, and attended her first ALA convention this year. kl has her dream job of working in a library, and will one day have a library of her own; a whole room dedicated to her favorite novels. When she is not reading on the job she is studying to graduate in the spring from uni.

author-dickThis is Dick.
Dick spends his time laying in bed reading, laying on the couch Netflixing, or laying on the floor sleeping. When he isn’t wasting his life in the aforementioned ways, he works as a film actor or studies to become a director. Interested in film and literature in equal measures, Dick has penned several scripts and short stories already and has a dozen that he’s too lazy to write in a timely manner. His pride and joy is an epic trilogy mostly designed to bring the reader as much pain as possible…if only he’d write it down.

This is Jin. 
Jin loves movies, and is currently enamored with samurai films.
Jin really wants to talk about samurai films in relations to Western films, and the samurai bushido in comparison to European chivalry, and the portrayal of violence and women, and how modern directors are still influenced, and…  and…

There’s not much else to talk about.
Except movies.
 is Quinn
Quinn is a book junkie, nerdy fangirl, and hummer of Broadway songs. She wrote for a year as a galley reviewer for the YALSA Teens Top Ten and attended the 2013 ALA convention to argue with fellow teenagers about young adult novels. She is currently a journalism and PR double major minoring in creative writing and professional technical writing and looking to find a way to make a career out of her book obsession and general geekiness.


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