Libba Bray is my BFFL

Libba Bray is one of my favorite authors. Her books are witty, funny, slightly scary, and a bit complex.

Last year I was checking out the children’s books at the U bookstore, as I am apt to do every month or so, when I felt a tug to look at the teen books too. The selection in the U bookstore isn’t that great, so it must have been fate that pulled me over there. Sitting in a spotlight (in my mind at least) in the middle of the first bookshelf I saw, was the Diviners. Continue reading


The time I met (AHEM) didn’t meet Patrick Rothfuss

My friends often inform me that my life is a sitcom. If that is the case, then I have a bone to pick with the writers.

Olive here. I did not intend for everyone’s first impression of me to be of a rage filled tirade against an innocent piece of electronic paper. However, that is the way the proverbial cookie crumbles, I suppose.

I’m serious. All this cookie ever wanted was to be enjoyed by a giddy, small child, but now it has been broken into tiny pieces on the floor and thrown away.

This is the episode where I thought I was going to meet a big name in adult fantasy literature. Emphasis on the “thought.” Continue reading