Happy Anglophenia Week

Raise your hand if you are pathetically and unashamedly obsessed with English things. And Scottish. And Irish. And Welsh.

That’s what I thought, you sodding fantastic anglophiles. And that’s why this week’s posts will be dedicated to our lovely friends across the pond. Grab your mug of Earl Grey and close your doors, because there might be a lot of happy squealing involved. Continue reading


Libba Bray is my BFFL

Libba Bray is one of my favorite authors. Her books are witty, funny, slightly scary, and a bit complex.

Last year I was checking out the children’s books at the U bookstore, as I am apt to do every month or so, when I felt a tug to look at the teen books too. The selection in the U bookstore isn’t that great, so it must have been fate that pulled me over there. Sitting in a spotlight (in my mind at least) in the middle of the first bookshelf I saw, was the Diviners. Continue reading

Mini Book Haul: My mental dilemma and overcoming book snobbery

Hello world, it’s Olive again. This time with a book haul.

It’s rather small, but I’m quite excited about it. I had a $15.00 Half-Price Books gift card that I needed to spend, so after an evening at the movies I dragged two of my guy friends into the store since it was right across the street.

Those poor men deserve an award.

What my mind sees when staring at my bookshelf in this situation.

I’m not the type of person who constantly buys books. I adore them, but I generally don’t add a book to my collection unless it is so absolutely magnificent that my library now appears to have a giant hole in it anytime I look at the shelf. That, or I’m going to meet the author at a book signing.

Therefore, when people assume that the perfect present for me is a gift card to a bookstore, I’m stuck staring at endless shelves of printed works like a deer in headlights.

It’s a curse. Continue reading

3 Books: Escape from the Dog Days + Bubble Tea

For all of you stuck in this humid nonsense with nowhere particularly air-conditioned or beachy to go, here’re some books to help you get through the dog days of summer. And to celebrate my inaugural post to this blog, I’m sharing my recipe for mango snow bubble tea. Continue reading

The time I met (AHEM) didn’t meet Patrick Rothfuss

My friends often inform me that my life is a sitcom. If that is the case, then I have a bone to pick with the writers.

Olive here. I did not intend for everyone’s first impression of me to be of a rage filled tirade against an innocent piece of electronic paper. However, that is the way the proverbial cookie crumbles, I suppose.

I’m serious. All this cookie ever wanted was to be enjoyed by a giddy, small child, but now it has been broken into tiny pieces on the floor and thrown away.

This is the episode where I thought I was going to meet a big name in adult fantasy literature. Emphasis on the “thought.” Continue reading